DIY Corn Toss Game for July 4th

Hi, loves! Remember when we showed you this beautiful DIY corn toss game for a July wedding? Well, turns out it’s pretty easy to make yourself. If you want to make a DIY corn toss game for the July 4th holiday (or for your wedding in any custom color!), now’s your chance! Read on to find out what you need to make your own corn toss game with a few simple supplies…

DIY Corn Toss Game for July 4th

photo: julie harmsen

DIY Corn Toss Game for July 4th

You will need…

DIY Corn Toss Game for July 4th

Supply List

o corn toss board set (already spackled and sanded!)
o blue painter’s tape (1.41-Inch by 60-Yard for nice stripes)
o krylon duo paint and primer in red
o krylon duo paint and primer in blue
o krylon duo paint and primer in white (not shown)
o bold white paint pen
o waterproof wood sealer
o bean bags

How To

1.) Since the corn toss board set is already spackled and sanded (!), you won’t need to do it yourself. Sweet. Move on to step 2.

2.) To make red-and-white stripes on the board, apply painter’s tape by applying a strip of tape vertically to sections across the board. Once your striping is in place with tape, spray white paint over the board avoiding the painter’s tape.

3.) Wait 24 hours to ensure paint is dry and adhered firmly to the board. Remove the tape. Apply new tape to the white sections, leaving the non-painted stripes visible. Spray red paint in the remaining sections, again avoiding the painter’s tape. (You can get some on it, but it makes the lines cleaner if you’re not spraying all over the place.) When dry, remove the tape.

4.) Carefully paint the top-back portion of the board in blue (see image at top of page). Allow to dry.

5.) Use your ultra-cool paint pen to add any personalized touch (initials? ’4th of July’? ‘______ Family’? Do it up.)

6.) Cover the entire thing with waterproof wood sealer by using a regular ol’ paintbrush. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to play! Grab these bean bags for a more festive touch.

Pssst. Do You Need One Right Now?

Need the corn toss board, like, yesterday? No sweat: you can make one here. Or, you can order one all pre-made and stuff here. It even comes with a case + free shipping so you can get it in time for a tournament with friends. Just sayin’. Happy corn-tossing!

See? So easy. BRB, going to make my own…


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